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Thuan Pham

Why i don’t wear underwear?

/ 2 min read

just be yourself, personal choice, underwear or bra

in my memory first time i wear underwear when i study in years 5 (12 years of school in Vietnam), why i wear this cuz my mom say you need to wear that in the public area and i just fallowing what her say

right now i ask yourself the why question of anything

why i wear underwear? -> cuz that is human being, other people do that and i and you need to do that

but why?

why i wear this? If you know, you know. In my country Vietnam the weather is hot -> i sweating. Plus if underwear not good not comfy or too tight, when you workout, running or cycling it will be not right the position, wrong position -> damn -> my butt, my boy 😢

right now 90% i don’t wear underwear, where 10% -> schools,… (… is don’t remember)

in a month ago i staring cycling to schools, so i wear this 💩 -> fak, i think that is once of reason make me think

when you don’t wear underwear go to outside have human, these people don’t know you had worn the underwear or not, people don’t care (99% people don’t care, have me in that)

if don’t wear bra, under shirt,… i think is easy to see your nipple → bad for some formal event, fashion, the rule beauty of human but this thing is human thinking, being stuff. It can make you scare, shy, worry what people thinking but if you don’t give a 💩 it fine. i don’t give a 💩 what people thinking, say some 💩 about me (99%)

i think that enough reason for my decide -> don’t wear the faking underwear.

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